larry king, damon dash, *Damon Dash sat down with Larry King and opened up about his old pal Jay Z and the messy legal battles with ex-wife Rachel Roy.

Dash and Jay started Roc-A-Fella Records, King pointed out before asking Dash if he was still friends with Mr. Carter. It’s a subject the co-founder of the label would like to avoid.

“I usually don’t talk about him just because of this, but there’s been things where he’s been in business with people that are against my honor code, so because of that where I’m from I kind of have to keep a distance,” Dash said.

Dash said his biggest commercial success was the label, but his biggest successes (period) are his children. He talked about the custody and child support battles.

“I’m like a good father and I pay for everything, I have another warrant for not paying child support but I just gave this person $50,000 and I just paid for school $30,000, paid for massages, paid for chefs,” Dash said. “A man should not get leveraged and get looked at like a criminal just because he wants to raise his child.”

Watch what he said about Jay Z below:

Watch what he said about warrants out for his arrest below: