danny-glover*A tip when interviewing Danny Glover: Make sure you give him plenty of time.

KTVU (SF/Oakland/Bay Area) morning news anchor Tori Campbell learned this the hard way last Thursday (May 14) when she had the actor on to chat about his support of the postal workers union. As Adweek.com pointed out, the union is in need of support in light of its contract with the USPS expiring this week.

During his appearance, Glover was in the middle of talking about his mother and father, who were postal workers, when Campbell cut him off mid-thought to say they were almost out of time. It was then that she quickly asked the entertainer what his goal was.

From there, Glover proceeded to tell Campbell about herself.

“Well, you should have given me more time. That’s the first thing,” Glover voiced. “So why don’t you go on. If you don’t have enough time, then why bother? Just don’t give me two minutes.”

Campbell ended up apologizing Glover while telling the actor that KTVU didn’t have enough satellite time for a long interview.

The moral of the story: Time is your friend. Use as much of it as needed to avoid any potential unpleasantness in interviews lasting more than two minutes.

To see how it went down, check out the video below: