Dr. Ben Carson (L) and Stacey Dash (R)

Dr. Ben Carson (L) and Stacey Dash (R)

*This should come as no surprise.

Dr. Ben Carson may already have at least one unofficial supporter for his upcoming presidential run:  Fox News contributor Stacey Dash.

On Friday, Dash posted a photo of her and Dr. Carson on her twitter page.

In the accompanying tweet, she writes, “Dr. Ben Carson an honorable, strong and wise man. What a pleasure.”

Its not clear how the two conservatives came together, but they each share a history of being controversial in their political perspectives.

Due to the overwhelming amount of criticism Dash received from her 2012 endorsement of republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, she is set to pen a book about the experience.

Regnery Publishing states Dash will share the following in the memoir, which will be titled, “There Goes My Social Life.”

…incredible stories of her rough upbringing in the South Bronx and her tumultuous Hollywood career to movingly illustrate her strong opinions about the value of a good education, the importance of family, the inanity of political correctness, and the power of personal responsibility.

Dash’s memoir is set for a summer release.