FK POSTER Final Revised 4-28-15

*Marriott International is promoting its hotels worldwide with a 24-minute digital short titled “French Kiss,” filmed earlier this year on location in Paris and aimed directly at Millennials. [Scroll down to watch.]

The brand teamed with Sander/Moses Productions (“Reckless,” “Ghost Whisperer”) and its sister digital company SLAM to develop a film that would attract the Twitter generation under the hashtag, #TravelBrilliantly.

Nichelle Protho

Nichelle Protho

“Millennials will enjoy watching a short film, especially one that speaks to their desire to seek a good work/life balance,” says Nichelle Protho, Vice-President of Sander/Moses Productions, COO/Co-Executive Producer of SLAM and co-executive producer of “French Kiss.” “The combination of humor, emotion and romance transcends generations. Millennials will love it.”

The film follows  Ethan (Tyler Ritter), an American who loses his laptop during a business trip to Paris. Margaux (Margot Luciarte), admiring him from afar, drops clues that send him all over the City of Lights, forcing him to explore, imagine and literally see the magic of Paris through her eyes.

Watch below: