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Daniel ‘Booby’ Gibson released his new musical short video: ‘Suicide’

*Ex-NBA Player for the Cleveland Cavaliers – and spoken word artist Daniel “Booby” Gibson – has released his new musical short video: “Suicide.”

With what’s going on in in Ferguson and Baltimore, this timely piece calls for America to come together in peace and understanding amidst the current turmoil.

The music video stars Gibson and his son as Gibson speaks of the violence that is continuously being committed by authorities against civilians as well as civilians against one another. The musical short was directed and produced by Courtney Glaude of the production company Green Eyed Theater.

Gibson shared his views about our current social climate in conjunction with the release of his video.

“Look around you, can’t everyone see what’s going on? This dream they’re selling us is slowly killing us. Maybe not physically, but definitely spiritually. There is so much hate in this world. All rooted from our differences. Skin tone, gender, bank statements, all thesethings make people believe they are more superior than others.

“I don’t think I’m better than anyone, nor do I believe anyone is better than me. We are all human beings, the sooner everyone sees this, the sooner we might succeed in finding peace.”

The  piece has been released on iTunes and YouTube.

“Suicide” Video

Gibson recently performed at MWSXSW in Austin, Texas. You can find more information on Booby’s World at www.boobysworld.com or follow him on twitter (@BoobyGang). Also, Courtney Glaude (@Greeneyedmunsta) and the Green Eyed Theater can be found at www.greeneyedtheater.com .




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