*It’s been almost 15 years (and two deadlocked jury trials) since the murder of little Lauren Sarene Key, who was literally hurled off of a 120-foot cliff by her father (Cameron Brown) who didn’t want her anyway, and was in the midst of a bitter custody and child support battle with the child’s mother.

But the third time is indeed a charm, and it took this jury a little over a day to come back with a guilty verdict.

Now, with that said, let me ask you this: Aren’t you f**king tired of hearing about how easily parents kill their children?

These stories used to be few-and-far between; now they appear to be almost daily.

How in the world can this be happening? What kind of monsters are these people?

Events such as these seriously contribute to why people lose faith!

OK, soapbox speech over.

But make  no mistake, this writer is still fuming…

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