alicia melendez

Alicia Melendez

*Fusion host Alicia Menendez took aim at CNN on her show last night, addressing the network’s recent segment questioning whether “thug” was the new N-word during its Baltimore coverage.

Menendez says CNN is exploiting the serious nature of Baltimore for profit.

“It’s no surprise — everyone wants to maximize coverage of an event that’s grabbed the nation’s attention,” she said.

But CNN was “milking” the coverage, she suggested, particularly as many of its anchors consistently dropped the term thug, then, asked if it’s the new N-word.

“Why is CNN looking for a new N-word?” she asked. “Because they need to fill 24 hours people, and Anthony Bourdain can’t be on all day.”

She concluded that we have an N-word, and the network is now “making more news than they are covering.”

Watch below: