Pastors Mona and Don Brawley of Canaan Land International Church in Snellville, GA

Pastors Mona and Don Brawley III of Canaan Land International Church in Snellville, GA

*An Atlanta-area church is tired of simply hearing about issues plaguing the black family, and is asking its parishioners and the public at large to join him in doing something about it.

In seeking to address such concerns as unprecedented fatherlessness, massive unemployment and underemployment, wealth inequities, health and educational disparities, and over-criminalization and incarceration within the African American community, Canaan Land Church International, under its pastor Dr. Don Brawley III, has launched a crowdsourcing campaign to raise money for a new “Christ-centered curriculum to share God’s vision for building the black family.”

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Pastor Brawley inside Canaan Land Church International

The Building Black Families Curriculum will use “small group interactions” to help change communities, in the way Jesus chose a small group of 12 disciples to help transform lives.

“Though there are many excellent Christ-centered curriculums that share important truths and life lessons to the broader church community, there is a dearth of published small group video and book curriculums that have been produced by African-American churches with an emphasis on the needs and issues of the African-American family,” states a passage at its GoFundMe website. “To date, no publisher or church has created a Christ-centered small group video and book study tailored to the specific needs and present struggles of the African-American family.”

Canaan Land is teaming with Brett Eastman’s Lifetogether, an organization that helped Pastor Rick Warren develop a small group curriculum for his book The Purpose-Driven Life and a similar curriculum for Dr. Tony Evans’ Destiny, to name a few. Lifetogether helps churches to strategize and produce such curriculum, while also coaching senior pastors by “leveraging their life, leadership and legacy to transform lives through community.”

Building Black Families is designed to be taught through bible study, small groups, Sunday school, or as a church-wide spiritual growth campaign.

Pastor Brawley and his wife, Pastor Mona Brawley, talk more about their mission below:

To help the  Building Black Families Curriculum reach its $25,000 goal, visit its GoFundMe page here.