Family of Homeless Venice Man Brutalized and Tased on Video by LAPD Announces Lawsuit

*LOS ANGELES, CA – On May 19 outside of LAPD headquarters attorney Nazareth Haysbert announced a federal civil rights lawsuit against 14 Los Angeles police officers involved in the brutal videotaped arrest of his client Samuel Arrington, 52, in Venice last summer.

Arrington, homeless man who struggles with mental illness was attacked by the LAPD after he refused to accept a ticket for his beach umbrella, even though he was on the beach. The lawsuit alleges that the officers used excessive force against him while others failed to intervene and states that Samuel Arrington was “repeatedly punched, shot with a Taser gun and hogtied” during his Aug. 7 arrest, resulting in “significant and permanent injuries to his body and mind.”

Video shot on a bystander’s cellphone shows two officers asking Arrington, who is sitting in a chair, to sign the citation, telling him they would arrest him if he refused. “I will not,” Arrington says in the video.

Arrington is just the latest in a long list of video depicting LAPD’s brutalization of African-Americans in the Los Angeles area.  Recently LAPD officers shot and killed 29-year-old Brendon Glenn, another homeless African-American in the Venice area of Los Angeles.

Sam Arrington Short Documentary