senderrick marks & teen with cancer

Sen’Derrick Marks and Khameyea Jennings

*Jacksonville Jaguars defense tackle Sen’Derrick Marks took an 18-year-old  young lady – with liver cancer – to her prom with the help of non-profit Dreams Come True.

“I really want to make a difference,” Marks told “I want to do something where you actually make someone’s day, to make a difference in someone’s life.”

The teen Khameyea Jennings got a surprise visit in the hospital from Marks in late April. With a large bouquet of flowers, he asked her to prom.

“I talked with your mom, she said it’s OK,” Marks said. “And I heard you have prom this weekend, and I wanted to know if I could take you to prom?”

“Yes,” said Jennings who wore a white dress and tiara that Marks gave her. He matched wearing a white and gold suit to the prom.

“She said this is a day to be normal,” her mom said. “Not to have to worry about needles, chemo, potassium levels. Just a day to be a teenager and enjoy the prom.”

Watch how Marks asked her to the prom below: