JamesKirkland*James Kirkland wasn’t prepared for his fight with Canelo Alvarez last weekend, according to his iconic former trainer Ann Wolfe.

Kirkland was knocked out in the third round of the fight. This comes after his training with Wolfe ended earlier this year. She said he had no business being in that ring.

Wolfe said Kirkland had been out of the game after taking a 17-months-hiatus, meaning he made a mistake taking on such a huge fight.

“He would have needed to have at least 3 ‘warm up fights’ before stepping in the ring with Alvarez,” said Wolfe who added she has no beef with Kirkland, according to TMZ..

Wolfe doesn’t know why Kirkland didn’t ask her to train him for his big fight, but it’s his loss.

“He will have to live with his decision.”

Watch highlights from the fight below: