beyonce-jay z*Silence is sometimes the best weapon.

For Jay Z and Beyoncé, that weapon served them well in helping to bail out protestors in Baltimore and Ferguson.

As it stands now, the silence has been broken. According to the Huffington Post, writer Dream Hampton brought the Carters’ activities to light Sunday via Twitter, saying Jay Z “wired tens of thousands [of dollars] in minutes” after she asked him to help with expenses protesters incurred while demonstrating against police brutality.

In addition to the protestors, Hampton mentioned in her series of tweets that Hov and Bey’s financial assistance extended into the Black Lives Matter movement as the power couple contributed to its growth by writing “a huge check.” The Post noted that the Carters estimated combined net worth totals more than $1 billion.



dream-hampton-tweet-4Hampton’s comments have a bit of weight to them, considering she co-wrote Jay Z’s memoir, “Decoded.” Still, the social justice activist’s tweets, which were later deleted, conflict with Jay Z and Beyoncé’s desire to keep their contributions quiet. Nevertheless, Complex reports that Hampton’s remarks were made in response to those who criticized the pair for remaining silent on the issue of black resistance.

“Protest is literally punished with tariffs,” Hampton tweeted. “When they fine and arrest people for protesting, more opportunities for exploitation by the state are possible with each encounter.”

Although Complex snagged screengrabs of Hampton’s tweets before they got deleted, Hampton later returned to Twitter to clarify why she brought the Carters’ good deeds to light.

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