*CVS has experienced the wrath of Kelly Price.

The singer posted a lengthy vent on Facebook accusing the drugstore of refusing to fill certain prescriptions in what are considered to be “bad” neighborhoods.

Price said she stopped by a 24 hour CVS Pharmacy in Carson, California for painkillers in advance of dental surgery she was having and was told by the pharmacist that they didn’t fill certain prescriptions after midnight because of the area where the store was located.

“I was offended for anybody who lives in a neighborhood that may not be considered the upper echelon – where expensive homes are. Or where six- and seven-figure earners live,” Price told LA’s CBS affiliate.

CVS responded. One of the Senior Vice Presidents of CVS Pharmacies called her personally to apologize and to say that the Carson store was in the wrong.

Read Kelly’s entire open letter (titled “SHAME ON YOU CVS”) below, followed by her update detailing the store’s response:

SHAME ON YOU CVS!!!!I went into the 24 hour CVS located on Carson Blvd in Carson, CA last night to fill a prescription….

Posted by Kelly Price on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

CVS UPDATEThis evening I received a call from one of the Senior Vice Presidents of CVS Pharmacies- Mr. Henry Casillas….

Posted by Kelly Price on Wednesday, May 13, 2015