Wondering whether you should see “Chocolate City” this weekend? Well, Kimberly Williams, the guiding force behind Chi-town based “Girls Night Out” saw it and found it quite tasty. Check out her review immediately below the photo/poster:

chocolate city - poster

*I saw the movie “Chocolate City” and was thoroughly impressed. The cast consists of our top black male sexy celebrities and top black male strippers. The storyline made sense, and the leading lady is a beautiful dark-skinned sister!

Michael (Robert Ri’chard) needed to make extra money to help his single mom (Vivica Fox). His $137.00 paycheck from the burger joint was not cutting it. A chance meeting put him in the path of a strip club owner (Michael Jai White) and amateur night. Soon “Sexy Chocolate” was ripping the runway and scorching the stage. Oh. He was also taking all the cash and the resident strippers were not happy. Actually, one of them (Darrin Henson) was mad, and another one (Tyson Beckford) was fighting mad.

Though the cash was really, really good, his grades at school were beginning to fail. Soon Michael began lying to his mother and his girlfriend. His 30+ unemployed brother/manager (Deray Davis) was there for him when things were good, but wasn’t there for him when the going got tough. Like “someone please call 911” type tough.

The “big reveal” was reminiscent of “The Players Club” and “Magic Mike,” but there’s nothing new under the sun. Creativity is telling your story, your way. Jean Claude Lamarre showed the good, the bad, and the super-ugly side of the male exotic dancing business. As a female promoter of black male entertainers in Chicago, I can identify with every emotion that was so poignantly expressed. There’s an even darker side of the black male stripper business, and I’m sure we will see it being exposed in Chocolate City 2.

Ladies, I highly recommend Jean Claude Lamarre Film: Chocolate City now playing at Chatham 14 in Chicago, IL. It’s also available to view on-demand, and as a rental via iTunes.

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