Lester Holt

*Folks tuning into “NBC Nightly News” on Wednesday saw anchor Lester Holt flying above Amtrak’s derailed train wreckage in a helicopter – which prompted an explosion of comments on Twitter.

Holt was forced to belt out the news inside of a loud and cramped Bell 206 chopper – a.k.a. “Skyforce 10” – operated by NBC-owned WCAU in Philadelphia – while a fleet of reporters (Tom Costello, Peter Alexander, Stephanie Gosk, and Rehema Ellis) reported live on the ground.

A reviewer for TV Newser called it a “stunt” and “uncomfortable to watch, especially since he was throwing to reporters who were comfortably standing on the ground below him – or, in the case of NBC’s Katy Tur, doing a story in Nepal that had nothing whatsoever to do with the Amtrak derailment or the skies over Philadelphia.”

ABC’s David Muir and CBS’ Scott Pelley also anchored from Philly, but on the ground.

Watch the newscast below:

Needless to say, Twitter had a field day with this. Some referred to Holt as a “boss”…

Others questioned NBC’s decision to put him in a chopper, since regular anchor Brian Williams is off the air right now because of his own helicopter drama.

Meanwhile, other’s just found Holt’s chopper game absurd and/or pointless.