Preach_Cast*It hasn’t even aired yet,  but Lifetime’s upcoming reality show “Preach” is receiving negative feedback on social media.

According to, the series centers around the lives of female apparent prophetesses – Belinda Scott (Cleveland Heights, Ohio); Taketa Williams (Columbus, Ohio); Linda Roark (Trenton, Ohio); and Kelly Crews (Cleveland, Ohio) – while highlighting their work as women who supposedly interpret the will of God.

In addition, the site mentioned that the women would mentor protégés as they “attempt to teach them how to carry on the gift.”

“Preach” is the latest in a string of reality shows that showcase a particular aspect of Christianity. Among those are TLC’s “The Sisterhood,” which was cancelled in 2013 after one season) and Oxygen’s “Preachers of LA,” was on the receiving end of criticism from Bishop T.D. Jakes  and Kirk Franklin. While the “Preachers of LA spin-off, “Preachers of Detroit” has garnered lackluster ratings, Lifetime’s “Preachers’ Daughters” has managed to stick around for three seasons.

As it stands now, reaction to “Preach” isn’t anything to be proud of. Users on Twitter and Facebook have issued predominantly negative thoughts on the show. Adding to that are Christian leaders, Gospel artists and regular churchgoers who have voiced frustration, disappointment and outrage on “Preach.”

“Preach” is set to premiere June 5 on Lifetime. To see the trailer for the show, check out the video trailer/promo below and weigh in with your thoughts on whether “Preach” will be a hit or a miss: