*For whatever reason, Lil Mama‘s critics always come at her with a vengeance.

If you haven’t heard, the rapper and former “America’s Best Dance Crew” judge is trending on Facebook and Twitter with her new video, “Sausage.”

On Thursday, the new song premiered on World Star Hip Hop and found some support, but is mostly catching hate from folks saying it’s poor imitation of styles inspired by Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé, and Missy Elliott.

Speaking of Mary J. Blige, in the song, the 25-year-old rapper pays homage to some old school music legends including Slick Rick, Method Man, Doug E. Fresh and Mary J. Blige among others.

Here’s How Billy how Billy Johnson Jr. of Yahoo Music describes it:

The song is a hodgepodge of 1990s hip-hop influences. Rapping over an old school beat, Lil Mama borrows lyrical styles from Raekwon, Method Man, and Elliott. When singing a clip of Blige’s “Seven Days,” she wears a head wrap, sunglasses, and black lipstick, recreating a scene from Blige’s “Not Gon Cry” music video. In another segment, she wears her hair in a wet set, short, blonde bob similar to Beyoncé’s hair in her “Drunk in Love” visual. Some also slam the chorus that uses sausage as a sexual metaphor and references safe sex for being too sophomoric.

While the song is among many 1990s tributes from artists, backlash towards Lil Mama is excessive. The choreography is better than most videos of late, and even includes a reggae breakdown. Plus, the throwback rap style is good, especially when she channels Elliott in the latter half of the song.

That may be true, but as we said at the top, unfortunately she’s got her detractors and they are letting her know it:

If you haven’t figured it out by now, “Sausage” is rather straight forward: “You better use a condom if you taking that sausage.”