*Lupita Nyong’o won a massive amount of critical acclaim and accolades for her performance in “12 Years a Slave,” but now she’s taking a big stance on slavery and its place in history.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation in Richmond, Virginia contacted Nyong’o for her help in advocating for the preservation of Shockoe Bottom’s slave-trading center.

The city is trying to build a stadium over the historical site, but with the help of Nyong’o, she’s hoping the city will be stopped!

The neighborhood was the historical site of 300,000 men, women and children being sold into slavery, which led up to the Civil War.

Nyong’o can clearly see the importance in respecting the historical site. And that’s why she took to Instagram for her followers’ support and to rally with her.

“So they want to build a baseball stadium over the archeological remains of slavery at #ShockoeBottom,” she said. “Now, I like stadiums but not when they sit atop a people’s heritage!”

She added, “let’s #SaveShockoe by letting Mayor Dwight Jones and Richmond’s city council know that we’d very much like to keep the evidence of this history.”

She has done more than hit up her social media followers for support. She wrote a letter to mayor Mayor Dwight C. Jones. He invited her to Shockoe Bottom while the city reviews its plans on preserving the history.

But her connection to the site runs a little deeper and has a lot to with “12 Years a Slave.” The site was where Solomon Northup was held after being kidnapped and sold into slavery.

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