mariah carey*Mariah Carey is not taking allegations from a former nanny lightly as she disputes claims made in the nanny’s federal lawsuit, which alludes too much affection showed to the singer’s two children as well as unpaid overtime.

According to, Carey responded to the suit on May 19, claiming that the nanny, Simonette DaCosta, did work for her from October 2013 to February 2014. During this time, Carey says DaCosta was paid for her services while living with the singer and taking care of her kids.

Carey goes on to mention that DaCosta is lying about being fired for showing too much affection to her children. The entertainer also disputes the notion of her violating labor laws as she pointed out that DaCosta was paid for every hour she worked.

Carey’s response comes after DaCosta filed her federal suit against the vocalist and Nick Cannon earlier this year after working for the couple as a full-time nanny for their children. In her lawsuit, DaCosta claims she was fired for being too affectionate to the twins.

The former worker stated that she was employed with Carey and Cannon since the kids were infants. Her duties included feeding, bathing and comforting the children. Despite this, DaCosta said Carey would not be pleased whenever she would show the twins affection. So much so, she added that the singer would berate her for doing this.

In addition to criticism directed at her treatment of the kids, DaCosta claimed she was overworked by Carey, who she didn’t pay her overtime as she sometime worked more than 100 hours a week

DaCosta is demanding the unpaid overtime hours as well as damages for Carey’s violation of the labor laws, The Jasmine Brand reports.

DaCosta was a live-in domestic service worker and was paid under those guidelines, Carey said in her response while also accusing the ex-nanny of filing her lawsuit in bad faith and only in an attempt to harass her. With claiming DaCosta’s allegations are frivolous and groundless, Carey is demanding the lawsuit be dismissed and her former employee being awarded nothing.