truth minista paul scott

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott

*Saying that African Americans are currently,  under “intellectual assault, this May 19th (the birthday of Malcolm X) a Durham NC minister is calling for formation of an army of “intelligent thugs.”

Minister Paul Scott, founder of the Messianic Afrikan Nation, says that while many people are focusing on recent, police assaults , black men also are being intellectually assaulted by the media. He points to the backlash following urban rebellions in cities such as Ferguson and Baltimore as examples of how African Americans are portrayed as mindless, thugs.

“Malcolm X and other black leaders weren’t feared because of violence, they were feared because of their vocabularies,” says Scott.

To combat this Scott is calling for a “Militant Mind Militia” to fight against the degradation of the black community and to set up “street institutions”  to teach gang members to fight with books instead of bullets.

“We have to teach these young people that  the most dangerous person in America is an educated black man,” says Scott. “It’s time that we attack back with facts!”

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