Val Starks*Some mothers aren’t the ones it doesn’t pay to play with. Especially when it comes to social media and their daughters.

A mom in Colorado had no trouble cracking down on her 13-year-old daughter when she discovered the young lady was lying about her age on Facebook. Adding to the situation was the fact that the mother, Val Starks, (pictured) found out her daughter, Krystiauna, posted inappropriate photos of herself wearing a bra and secretly communicated with older men while telling them she was 19-years-old.

Needless to say, Val was beyond upset as she captured the moment she scolded her daughter for her secret activities on video for everybody to see. Here’s a bit of the conversation from the nearly six-minute video, per

Val Starks and daughter Krystiauna

Val Starks and daughter Krystiauna


Val: Are you a freak?
Krystiauna: No.
Val: Does your Facebook page say you’re a freak?
Krystiauna: Yes.
Val: Do you know anything about being a freak?
Krystiauna: No.

Val is just getting started, as she makes sure to highlight the real Krystiauna to her Facebook friends by mentioning that in real life, she dresses like an average 13-year-old and watches the Disney channel as well as wears age-appropriate underwear, not the lace panties Krystiauna apparently claimed that she wears.

“You don’t have no lace panties, you barely know how to wipe you’re a** good. Don’t you?” Val said. “You barely know how to wipe your a** good, but you’re a freak right? But you got friends [that’re] grown a** men on your Facebook page though right? Tell them that you’re 13, you’re not a freak and you don’t even know how to wipe you’re a** good.”

Val’s actions didn’t sit well with Krystiauna as she shared with some of her Facebook friends that her mother is on drugs and doesn’t take care of her.

Sure enough, Val made sure to squash any upper hand her daughter may have gotten from her little response.

“Tell them. You respect your mom and dad don’t you? And you don’t do what you want to do,” Val shot back. “Your mom is not a drug addict. Your mom is not a crackhead. She goes to school. She takes care of you alone without the help of your father.”

For those wondering, Krystiauna did get punished for her trickery. No TV privileges, a deactivated Facebook page and all the new clothes Val recently bought for her taken away was the price the 13-year-old paid what she did.

And to the older guys who communicated Krystiauna, Val issued the following warning for them:

“Anyone who’s her friend who’s a grown a** man might want to delete her because I’m not the one. She’s a kid and she’s going to stay a kid.”

To see the footage of Val scolding Krystiauna, check out the video below.