Rosewood (FOX)

Rosewood (FOX)

*It’s “Miami Vice” meets “Crossing Jordan” but with Ricky from “Boyz N the Hood.”

Fox set its new procedural drama “Rosewood” in picturesque Miami, with picturesque Morris Chestnut in the lead as Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Junior, the most brilliant private pathologist in the city.

He uses his private state-of-the-art autopsy lab to perform autopsies-for-hire, often assisting the Miami PD in cases they can’t solve.

But the actor promises it will be funny, too.

“Humor is very important to the show,” Chestnut told us. “There is death. It’s a procedural show and we are dealing with death each week, so I think humor is very important for the purposes of our show.

“You can turn on cable and get the dark and the edgy – well, you can turn on network and get dark and edgy – but we want our show to be fun and light. I want people to really enjoy us being in their living rooms every week.”

Chestnut also says the series will be pretty to look at, because…Miami:

“Rosewood” will air Wednesdays this fall on FOX.

Watch the trailer below: