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*Well gosh darn, we didn’t see this one coming. Who knew someone could top King James?!

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has supplanted LeBron James and now stands as the most popular NBA player in America, according to the findings of Public Policy Polling studyvia an ESPN report. The study was conducted shortly after Curry won the NBA MVP Award, arguably influencing the results to some degree.

Referencing how NBA fans cannot agree on which team they want to win the NBA title (the Warriors top the list at 19 percent with the Bulls second at 17 percent), the results of the poll indicates “[p]eople are similarly divided when it comes to who their favorite player in the league is- 19% pick Stephen Curry to 18% for LeBron James, 14% for Kobe Bryant, 13% for Kevin Durant, 10% for Tim Duncan, 5% for Derrick Rose, and 4% each for Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Paul.” Twelve percent, however, responded with “Someone else/Not sure.”

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