Musiq Soulchild Now Auto-Tuned Rapper The Husel - The Husel Is Musiq Soulchild

*Music Soulchild is making sure he doesn’t struggle as much as the music he’s best known for.

The singer, who has a catalogue of neo-soul hits under his belt, is bringing something different for fans by transforming into The Husel (The Hustle), a rapper dressed in all black, crowned and sometimes masked.”

The move comes as Soulchild dropped a new mixtape that is a far cry from the soulful stylings of his best-known material. Regarding the change in musical direction, Necolebitchie notes that the mixtape’s mission statement refers to The Husel as “not a person,

“’The Husel’ is a state of mind. Everyone has their own interpretation of the hustle, this just happens to be mine,” Soulchild stated about the auto-tuned rapper.

If you’re wondering why someone as talented as Musiq would switch it up to this extreme, the artist himself confessed that the effort is an attempt to make money this year as he was no longer marketable as Musiq Soulchild.

“I’m starting this whole new thing. I turn on the radio, and people seem to be feeling the kind of stuff that I’m doing as The Husel,” the entertainer explained. “The other brand (Music Soulchild) is R&B. But right now it’s kind of challenging to see or hear that sound being popular right now. For whatever reason, R&B is struggling.

“I’m the type of person who likes to entertain people based on what they’re saying entertains them, and right now this sound is what’s entertaining them,” Soulchild continued. “As an artist, songwriter and producer I sit back and listen and say, ‘Okay, if that’s what y’all like, I can do that.’”

For more about Musiq Soulchild/The Husel, check out the video below:

To hear songs from Soulchild’s mixtape, “The Husel Below,” check oput these samples:


(Musiq Soulchild Now Auto-Tuned Rapper The Husel – The Husel Is Musiq Soulchild)