kindred & family

*While listening to Kindred the Family Soul‘s latest CD A Couple Friends, you happen upon a track that elicits laughter and recalls memories of Saturday mornings when your mother read you the riot act and then told you to clean up.

“‘Momma Said Clean Up‘ is about that memory we all have of our mother’s most  popular demand. The song came about when Aja taped our children spontaneously singing the made up song for an Instagram post. Then I took the vocals and with the help of producer Vidal Davis and his young son, the song was born,” Fatin says.

The visual for that track, created by Konee Rok, is just as fun as the children singing, “The laundry, the dishes, the rooms and the kitchen!”

Check out the video below and stay tuned for upcoming projects from Kindred the Family Soul. Also, download their “Kindred Soul” app, which contains exclusive remixes on Google Play and iTunes.

A Couple Friends, which features “Everybody Hustling”, “Call Me Crazy” and the amazing title track featuring Valerie Simpson can be purchased on iTunes.