al sharpton (screenshot-tmz)

*The one thing about Rev. Al Sharpton is that if you ask him a question he’s going to give you an answer.

And sometimes that answer can be a doozy. Like the one he gave a TMZ cameraman/interviewer the other day.

The photog asked Rev. Al if he’d like to see more black comedians host late night shows. The Rev responded with yes and came up with several names such as Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and even Kenan Thompson and that’s where things went left … kinda.

If you’ve seen “Saturday Night Live” lately, you know Thompson is “keen” on impersonating Sharpton. And something tells us it’s sort of a mixed bag for Sharpton ’cause while he seems to like the fact that’s he’s being imitated, he ultimately gives the impression that he doesn’t like Kenan, who’s a big fella, imitating “Old Al.” You know, the one who used to break the scales back in the day at 305 pounds!

“Kenan Thompson would be great if he quit imitating me. He needs to lose weight,” said Sharpton. “You can’t look like old Al doing the new Al. Come on Kenan, update yourself, take off 50 pounds and I’ll see what I can do about getting you on late night. People can’t go to sleep looking at somebody that heavy. It makes them get up in the middle of the night and get a piece of cake or some Kool Aid.”

Hmm, did Rev. Al just fat shame the hell out of Kenan Thompson? Um, er, yes he most certainly did. And it was pretty damn funny, too. 🙂