LAPD Sgt. Jim Parker  & Daniele Watts

LAPD Sgt. Jim Parker & Daniele Watts

*Daniele Watts, the “Django Unchained” actress who made news internationally for getting caught for allegedly having sex with her boyfriend in a car, in broad daylight, has agreed to a deal with authorities that includes her apologizing to the officer she accused of racism.

Watts pled no contest to disturbing the peace and in return the lewd conduct charge was dismissed.

As we reported back in September (2014), Watts and her boyfriend were in a car outside the CBS Studios in the San Fernando Valley last September when people in a nearby office building called cops to complain they were having sex in the car.

Things went even further left when LAPD Sgt. Jim Parker asked Watts for her ID. She claimed she was targeted because she’s an African American with a white boyfriend. When she refused to cooperate she was handcuffed. She then went public with her fake outrage.

However, her fake outrage fell apart after TMZ obtained an audiotape of the encounter and you hear Watts play the race card and the “I’m an actress” card almost from the get-go.

TMZ is now reporting that Watts and her boyfriend must each do 40 hours community service and write apology letters to Sgt. Parker and two other officers.