michael smith & jemele hill

Michael Smith and Jemele Hill

*Oh yeah, this is a good one.

Like the guilty party says, it was bound to happen and it did … on live television .. and it was too hilarious.

Brother man Michael Smith gets a pass from us ’cause he got caught up in keeping it a little too real, but it’s all good. Or, as they say, when keepin’ it real goes waaaay wrong

Smith and his co-host of ESPN’s “His and Hers” show, Jemele Hill, were discussing the video of a Penn State lineman tackling a tree and Smith’s reaction was supposed to be that he thought what he was witnessing was “stupid stuff,” but he made a big boo-boo and said, well, you know. 🙂

But like he said, it was bound to happen. And his reaction to the mishap was priceless as well.