caleb & black man - lincoln park

*We’re not sure what this little boy’s problem is, but if he doesn’t clean up his act, he’s going to have a big problem.

How would you like to be at the park with your little daughter trying to enjoy the day when out of nowhere come a little white boy who appears to be about 6 or 7 years of age calling you a n*gger.

Yeah it happened to a black man and his daughter in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. At the very beginning of the video, the little boy, named Caleb, can be heard teasing the little girl, saying “I know, she’s picking her butt.” The girl’s father – who recorded the video – then asks him to repeat what he just said to him, before he brought out the camera.

Well, without flinching, the 7-year-old kid says “You’re a n*gger.”

“Wait a second,” the man says, directing the camera at himself, before panning around the park. “We’re at Lincoln Park right now. This is Caleb and he wants to tell me something. What was that?”

In response, Caleb says “You’re a black n*gger” or “You’re a bad n*gger.” Since the boy is missing most of his front teeth, it’s difficult to understand what he’s saying at certain points in the video.

He goes on in a mocking tone “Hey, I need some money”.

The young father who is recording the kid’s racist tirade says “I have no idea where his parents are. I don’t even know this little guy.”

Although the young dad is handling the situation calmly, at this point he says “I have never, ever wanted to strike a kid, but he … kinda makes me want to want to.”

Yeah, we’re saying WTF also. Like where are this child’s parents and what are they teaching him. He/they better hope he doesn’t run his little racist mouth to the wrong person ’cause it won’t end well if he does.

Watch the video below of the incident  and let us know your thoughts.

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