paula jai parker, the summoning,*Paula Jai Parker is kicking off TV One’s summer lineup with the original movie thriller “The Summoning,” directed by Charles Murray.

Parker plays a remarried woman, Angela Simmons-Alexander, who summons her first husband (Terrell Tilford) from the dead.

Nevertheless, her passionate reunion with her first husband turns from something that she was missing to something deadly, according to Indiewire’s Shadow and Act.

As the summer progress, so will TV One’s programming. Another original movie, “Will to Love,” is a romantic comedy directed by Chris Stokes.

Marques Houston plays a workaholic CEO and bachelor, Jamal Hawkins, who must find a wife in 90 days in order to inherit his grandfather’s fortune.

“The Summoning” premieres on Saturday, June 6 on TV One. This will be followed by “Will to Love,” which debuts on Saturday, June 27.

Watch “The Summoning” trailer below: