Hmm...So you say you want to marry Malia...Let me think about it for a sec...

Hmm…So you say you want to marry Malia…Let me think about it for a sec…

*Call the paramedics!

An attorney from Kenya plans to make the President and First lady an offer in exchange for the hand of their eldest daughter in marriage.

I wouldn’t be surprised if just the mention of the word “marriage” in connection with their 16 year old daughter, Malia, sent President Barack Obama and First Lady, Michelle, into a series of convulsions.

While I am sure the First Family is more than aware that age is just a number in the African culture, let’s face it: We are not in Africa. And age to Americans, when talking marriage, is the only number we see if its 16.

But Kenyan attorney Felix Kiprono from Nairobi, is very serious about his offer. And is drafting a letter on it “as we speak.”

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