*”I’m not doing my job unless everyone in the world can say, ‘Rob out danced Tyson Beckford.'”

Chocolate City‘ star Robert Ri’chard sat with Maria Menounos’ Black Hollywood Live and talked about stripping, set life and gossip.

Robert Ri’chard, Vivica A. Fox & DeRay Davis in 'Chocolate City'

Robert Ri’chard, Vivica A. Fox & DeRay Davis in ‘Chocolate City’

“Vivica is in my top 5 list of hot women,” shared the actor. “I make her laugh, she’s gorgeous and I love treating her right.” There have been several rumors regarding his relationship with ‘Chocolate City’ co-star, Vivica A. Fox.

The 32 year-old portrays, Michael McCoy, an under pressure college student, who dances for dollars during amateur night at a male strip club.

Scene from 'Chocolate City'

Scene from ‘Chocolate City’

“My character becomes the star, above the headliner (played by model turned actor) Tyson Beckford,” explained Ri’chard. “And that’s why Tyson’s character hates on me and we start fighting.”

Ri’chard started in the industry at a very early age and has appeared on hit shows like – “Cousin Skeeter,” “Veronica Mars,” “Meet The Browns,” and “The Vampire Diaries.”

Robert Ri’chard on BHL

Robert Ri’chard on BHL

The Cali native, also starred in a few seasons of Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns.”

“Tyler is a really gentle person,” said Ri’chard. “He loves the people he works with and talks to them with empathy. He gets with them on their level. He expects a high level of performance from the people around him.”

Robert Ri’chard in 'Chocolate City'

Robert Ri’chard in ‘Chocolate City’

‘Chocolate City’ is currently in theaters and also stars Michael Jai White, DeRay Davis and Darrin Dewitt Henson.

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