*Robin Thicke’s new dog apparently likes to get just as high as its owner.

For the second time since the crooner and his girlfriend April Love Geary bought their new pooch Bincy last month, they’ve had to take it to the vet after it ingested marijuana, according to TMZ.

The model said the problem started just after they brought the terrier mix home. Within a day of being in its new surroundings, Bincy had already gotten into Robin’s stash. Three days after returning from the vet, the dog had to be taken in again, this time Geary claims because of a contact high.

“IT’S NOT ME!!! Some falls on the ground or she sits by him smoking and just inhales it hahaha,” she reportedly tweeted.

According to Geary, one of the hospitalizations may have been the result of the dog getting into a stash of garlic, not weed.

April put Bincy on the Gram last week…

“Maybe if I sit in dad’s carry on he’ll have to take me on the next trip!”

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