*EUR was On The Scene at the Hollywood premiere of “San Andreas,” Dwayne Johnson’s latest action-adventure film, in theaters today.

EUR: What would you put in your natural disaster preparedness kit?

Todd Williams: Protein powder, some complex carbs, water, and peanut butter because I need my fats. It’s all about the macros! Even if there is a catastrophe, a dedicated person will still eat right. I don’t care if the world is falling around me, I will have the proper macro nutrients!

Archie Serena at "San Andreas" premiere

Archie Serena at “San Andreas” premiere

Archie Serena: I’m embarrassed to say, I don’t have one yet. But I’m working on it. The first thing would be photographs of all my loved ones because my iPhone battery would probably die.

Carla Guggino at "San Andreas" premiere

Carla Guggino at “San Andreas” premiere

Carla Guggino: Water, batteries, flashlights, and dark chocolate. Food for the soul. It’s interesting, in this movie you actually end up learning quite a few things you may not have known about natural disasters.

EUR: Have you ever been in a natural disaster? If so, where were you, what happened, and what did you do?

Todd Williams: Ok, I’m from New York originally, so most of the time I sleep through the earthquakes but the last earthquake we had, I woke up in my draws screaming, and running around the room saying, ‘something has to be done, somebody has to do something!’ My girlfriend was looking at me like, “get into bed!”

Archie Serena: I did go through Hurricane Sandy. I didn’t have electricity for about a week. But compared to what some people go through, it wasn’t really that bad.

Will Yun Lee at "San Andreas" premiere

Will Yun Lee at “San Andreas” premiere

Will Yun Lee: I was in the ’89 earthquake in the Bay and it was massive! The buildings were rolling, and bridges collapsed. I was in the dorm, my freshman at college and I went under the table.

Alexandra Daddario at "San Andreas" premiere

Alexandra Daddarioat “San Andreas” premiere

Alexandra Daddario: I was in Hurricane Sandy. I was in an apartment downtown and just hung out in the dark. My neighbors were very nice. I wasn’t scared at any point. I think the most frightened I’ve been was during 9/11.

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