lashon thompson

LaShon Thompson

*Bravo is giving a Mother’s Day gift to viewers with the premiere of new reality show.

The unscripted show, titled “Mother Funders,” centers around a group of working moms and housewives who really know each other. Its cast will include three whites and four African Americans.

Taking a step away from  Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta, “Mother Funders” boasts six members of a Locust Grove, Georgia Parent-Teacher Organization who are all neighbors. A well-placed source with the network tells Sandra Rose that the show was originally set to be a scripted comedy. Instead, the channel switched gears and chose to make it “an unscripted show with a little drama.”

The PTO mothers featured on “Mother Funders” are all married with children who attend the same elementary school. Although the source was mum on who exactly was in the show’s cast, he did reveal to Sandra Rose that LaShon Thompson and ex-NFL player Fernando Bryant are among those on the new series, according to

Thompson is noted for dating rapper T.I. for four years as well as being the mother to his first two sons, Domani and Messiah. In addition to the boys, Thompson has a daughter with her current husband. Chances of T.I. appearing on “Mother Funders” are not an option considering contractual obligations he has with VH1 that will not allow him to appear on a Bravo reality show.

Sandra Rose points out that although “Mother Funders” will have the “usual arguments” there will be no fighting. Among the show’s guests are current and retired basketball players and NFL players that will help out with the fundraising events.

The season premiere of “Mother Funders” is scheduled to air Sunday (May 10) on Bravo.

Watch the promo/trailer for Bravo’s “Mother Funders”: