allen bullock

*The 18-year-old man who smashed a Baltimore police car with a traffic cone is facing a higher bail than the officer who allegedly murdered Freddie Gray.

Allen Bullock, who rioted in Baltimore on Saturday over the death of 25-year-old Gray, turned himself into police on Thursday after his stepfather warned that the police would track him down and “beat him.” He is charged with eight misdemeanors and his bail was set at $500,000, according to The Guardian.

The officers faced an array of charges, including assault, false imprisonment, and misconduct in office. Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr., the driver of the police van, faces the most serious charges, including second degree murder charges. His bail was set at only $350,000, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Bullock’s mom now regrets telling him to turn himself in.

“It is just so much money, who could afford to pay that?’ his mother, Bobbi Smallwood, told The Guardian. “If they let him go he could at least save some money and pay them back for the damage he did.”

When asked by the paper if she regrets the decision to turn in her son, Smallwood, 43, said: “I do.”

His stepfather, however, stands by his decision.

“I know what would happen to him if he hadn’t,” he told The Guardian, adding: “By turning himself in he also let me know he was growing as a man and he recognized what he did was wrong.”