What does the future hold for this little guy? According to statistics, his fate will probably be riddled with challenges.

What does the future hold for this little guy? According to statistics, his fate will probably be riddled with challenges. Hopefully his mother will do everything she can to ensure her son’s success. Odds are she won’t.

*Now that Mother’s Day is over, it’s time for a reality check.

Sisters, ask yourselves this question: Do you really deserve the pretty flowers and hallmark cards you were given? Are you even worthy of being called a mother?

This doesn’t apply to all black women, but many of you have no business raising children; it’s the equivalent of putting a warhead in the possession of a terrorist and then dumping him in the White House—only destruction and chaos will ensue.

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I get it: the daddy isn’t there to help you control those crazy motherfuckers (that’s another issue entirely.) Be that as it may, it’s your job to work around the circumstances and take care of your parental responsibilities (that’s why God put women on this Earth—to change diapers and . Yeah, I said it.)

Sisters, many of you don’t spend enough time with your kids. And how could you? Rather than being at home where you belong, you leave your children to their own devices while you and your girlfriends live it up at the club, twerking, smoking, drinking, and carrying on, hoping that a male suitor is watching and will agree to buy you jewelry in exchange for your used up vagina.

Some sisters use their children as a means for financial gain, either through child support from the father, or through government assistance (it’s despicable.)

Black women, it’s your job to raise children who will obey the law, not break it in half.

It’s your job to raise productive citizens, not layabouts who rely on government handouts for their survival.

It’s your job to prepare your children for the real world. It’s your job to teach them how to be financially responsible. It’s your job to instill them with the value of education. It’s your job to teach them right from wrong. It’s your job to provide discipline when your children get out of line. It’s your job to steer them down the path to success and prosperity. It’s your job to stand up and speak out against the youth rioting and looting in Baltimore (ya’ll brought them niggas into the world.)

Sisters, It’s your job to…oh, why do I even bother? Simply put, Black women, you are failing your children. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.  If you don’t, expect these consequences for your offspring:

1. Incarceration 

Black Incarceration photo

One in every three Black males born today can expect to go to prison at some point in their life, compared with one in every six Latino males, and one in every 17 White males, if current incarceration trends continue. In 2012 there were more African-Americans in prison or “under the watch” of the justice system than were enslaved in the United States in 1850.

2. Prostitution 

Black prostitution photo 2

According to the research study by Dr. Donna Hugh, teen prostitution is highest in the African American community. In 2010, African American teenagers made up 56.6 percent of the entire arrests for commercial sex or prostitution.

In the same year, African American women made up almost 40 percent of the arrests for prostitution related offenses. In 2011,  46.3 percent of women incarcerated for prostitution between ages 16 and 24 were African American.

3. Drug Addiction

Black drug addiction photo

According to the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, African Americans suffer from substance abuse more than any other ethnicity.Additionally, far more African Americans are imprisoned for drug crimes than any other ethnic group in the United States, boosting the stereotype that young, African-American men are the leading drug abusers in the United States.

4. Gang Affiliation

 Blck gang photo

Law enforcement agencies report a greater percentage of Hispanic/Latino and African-American/black gang members compared with other race/ethnicities.

The most recent figures provided by law enforcement are 46 percent Hispanic/Latino gang members, 35 percent African-American/black gang members, more than 11 percent white gang members, and 7 percent other race/ethnicity of gang members.

5. Chronic Unemployment

unemployed-black photo

The unemployment rate for blacks (11.4 percent) is more than twice that for whites (5.3 percent). In the 42-year period during which the Bureau of Labor Statistics has separated out unemployment data into different races, black unemployment has always been higher than white unemployment.

6. Early Pregnancy (Children By Multiple Fathers)

black baby mama photo

According to Black Women’s Health.com, African American teenagers have higher pregnancy and out-of-wedlock birth rates than their White and Hispanic peers.

In 2013, a total of 409,840 infants were born to females aged 15–19 years, for a live birth rate of 39.1 per 1,000 females in this age group. Nearly two-thirds of births to females younger than age 18 and more than half of those among females aged 18–19 years are unintended.

7. Criminal Behavior

baltimore-riot photo

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI)  “Uniform Crime Reports,” in 2012, black youths, who make up 16 percent of the youth population, accounted for 52 percent of juvenile violent crime arrests, including 58 percent for homicide and 67 percent for robbery.

A 2012 study by the Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention revealed that in 2013 black youths committed six times more murders, three times more rapes, 10 times more robberies and three times more assaults than did their white counterparts

8. Morbid Obesity 

Women sit on bench in New York

According to Trust for America’s Health Report in July 2013, “F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future”, over 30 percent of African American residents living in over 41 states are obese or overweight. This is in comparison to the fact that there are only four states in which 30 percent or more whites are obese.

The Office of Minority Health has found that about 4 in 5 African American women are overweight or obese. However, adults are not the only ones affected by this epidemic, as data from the Centers for Disease Control from 2007 through 2012 found that 23.3 percent of African American boys, aged 6 – 11, and 24.5 percent African American girls, ages 6 – 11 were obese.

9. Academic Underachievement 

Stock Photo

Young African American men are falling behind their peers in the classroom. PBS reports only 54 percent of African Americans graduate from high school, compared to more than 75 percent of their Caucasian and Asian American peers. Black male students in grades K-12 were “nearly 2.5 times more likely to be suspended from school in 2000 as white students,” and their twelfth-grade reading scores are currently lower than any other racial and ethnic group.

Barriers in high school lead to a glass ceiling for higher education. According to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF), black males ages 18 and older make up just 5.5 percent of all college students. Of the young black males who do make it to college, only one in six will receive a college degree.

10. Aids

aids photo

Blacks/African Americans* have the most severe burden of HIV of all racial/ethnic groups in the United States. Compared with other races and ethnicities, African Americans account for a higher proportion of new HIV infections, those living with HIV, and those ever diagnosed with AIDS.

African Americans accounted for an estimated 44 percent of all new HIV infections among adults and adolescents (aged 13 years or older) in 2010, despite representing only 12 percent of the US population; considering the smaller size of the African American population in the United States, this represents a population rate that is 8 times that of whites overall.

11. Death

Funeral Held For Teen Shot To Death By Police In Ferguson, MO

Black Americans are four times more likely to be murdered than the national average. What’s more, four out of five black homicide victims are killed with guns. Nationwide, the black homicide victimization rate in 2013 was 17.51 per 100,000.

The homicide crisis in the black community is overwhelmingly a gun violence problem. Nationwide, when the weapon used could be identified, 82 percent of black homicide victims were shot and killed with guns. Among the victims killed with guns, 77 percent were killed with handguns.

Four hundred eighty-seven black homicide victims (8 percent) were less than 18 years old and 100 victims (2 percent) were 65 years of age or older. The average age was 30 years old.

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Cory Haywood

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