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*I really can’t stand ya’ll nig*as sometimes. Does it hurt to be so damn ignorant and petty?

As usual, nig*as on Twitter put a giant foot in their mouth. I’m almost compelled to insist that social media be off-limits to African Americans. If that happened, the world would be less…stupid.

When did eating fried chicken become a Black thing?

Realty star Khloe Kardashian and her attention-loving family recently posted a group selfie of themselves enjoying some good ol’ Popeye’s fried chicken.

Critics, presumably black, have accused the youngest Kardashian sister of trying to appropriate black culture.

But wait a minute…I’m confused, is there an unwritten law that states eating fried chicken means pretending to be black? In addition, if a white celebrity went as far as to associate fried chicken with black culture, he would be called a racist and chided by throngs of angry black critics.

Can anyone say “double standard?”

Hey Negroes, you can’t straddle the fence when it comes to stereotypes. Now that the Kardashian’s have publicized their love for Popeye’s, all of a sudden nig*as want to stake a claim on fried chicken.

But if a member of that family Tweeted a joke about blacks loving chicken and watermelon, all hell would break loose on social media. Once again, can anyone say “double standard?”


Black people, why do you insist on embarrassing and degrading yourselves?

As I write this article, there are civil leaders scattered across the country attempting to debunk black stereotypes that have lasted for decades.

But lo and behold, the Kardashian’s photograph themselves eating chicken wings and it’s getting you nig*as upset? Not even God could explain such foolishness.

kardashians pj and popeyes

Black people, are you intent on being the stereotypes that you claim to hate?

Two years ago, nig*as accused Miley Cyrus of trying to act black because she experimented with “twerking.”

That’s funny, I’d bet my soul that if Cyrus said to a reporter that black women are only good for shaking their assess in music videos and strip clubs, she would have to hire extra security for all the death threats that would come her way.

Last year, Australian-born rapper Iggy Azalea was called a “wigger” because she butchers the English language in her songs.

Let me guess, being black means using slang and intentionally abandoning proper English?

I bet that if Azalea wrote in a Tweet, “black people speak poor English,” you ni*gas would hunt her down like witch in Salem.

Oh and how can I forget? Justin Bieber has been accused of appropriating black culture because he’s covered in tattoos, sags his pants, and walks around like there’s a stick lodged in his ass.

But what if in an alternate universe Bieber looked and dressed like a white surfer?

What if he got drunk one night and said to a TMZ reporter, “black people sure do loving wearing sagging pants.”

If that happened, you ni*gas would be so riled up that Bieber would have to sleep with one eye open. Once again, can anyone say “double standard?”

This isn’t the first time critics have blasted the Kardashian clan for being overly acquainted with black culture.

According to public opinion, these ho’s have stolen every element of niggerdom and made a fortune from it.

Sisters, when you say that Kim Kardashian tries to “act black,” it makes you look foolish.

Think about it: She’s known for three things: having a huge ass, sleeping around with black athletes and entertainers, and posing half nude in tasteless magazines.

If these things are prerequisites for “being black,” then what does that say about African Americans? Aren’t we capable of more? Shouldn’t we hold ourselves to a higher moral standard? Judging from the looks of things, the answer is “hell no.”

If James Brown were alive today, he wouldn’t sing in his raspy voice “I’m black and I’m proud.” Instead he would whisper, “No no, these nig*as gotta go.”

Black people, get your act together. And for God’s sake: stop being so damn wishy-washy.

cory haywood

Cory Haywood

The Black Hat is written by  Southern California based  Cory A. Haywood, a freelance writer and expert on Negro foolishness. Contact him via: [email protected] and/or visit his blogs: www.coryhaywood.webs.com and corythewriter.blogspot.com