tom brady

*It looks like Tom Brady will be hanging out on the sidelines when the 2015 NFL season begins.

According to a report filed Friday in the NY Daily News by Gary Myers, the New England Patriots quarterback will  be suspended by Commissioner Roger Goodell for his role in the DeflateGate scandal. Goodell’s decision is expected to come sometime next week.

“In conversations I’ve had with several key sources who always have a good sense of what goes on at 345 Park Avenue, there is little doubt Goodell considers Brady’s role in Deflategate a serious violation,” Myers writes.

“The NFL is convinced, according to sources, that connecting all the dots of the evidence supplied by Wells leads to one conclusion: Brady cheated,” Myers added.

At this point, it’s unknown how many games Brady will be suspended for. There have been rumors of a year-long suspension, while a report, citing sources, said the Patriots are “fearful” of a six-to-eight game suspension.