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The Prancing Elites, a gay and gender non-conforming dance team, attempt to end California’s drought with a fabulously choreographed “rain prance.”

*The Prancing Elites heard about the drought in California, and knew just how to help. Catch The Prancing Elites Project every Wednesday at 10pm ET/PT on Oxygen

The Prancing Elites are a self proclaimed gay an gender non- conforming dance team from Mobile Alabama. Locals might have seen them at the parade or the basketball game or even at a night club in Alabama, the dance team said.

Just before the ritual the feminine group of guy girls discussed learning about California’s drought.  To find out how they knew read what’s next.

‘Cause y’all won’t stop talking about it. Its so sad. About the drought y’all,” one of the Prancing Elites said. It just makes me want to cry just give you all my tears.

Just for Fun ~ It’s Rain  Ritual Time

Because water is so important, the team said, ‘we need it for drinking, swimming and washing  leotards after a hot day at the parade,’ they did some scientific research.  This helped them draw the conclusion that they indeed could help California make it rain. (Check out their funny or die video below)

Let it rain and clear it out, they sang while preparing to start the fun transgender rain ritual. The following are the steps the group took before bringing down the rain full blast.

Prancing Elites Rain ritual setup 

  • The first step is to seed some clouds with a chemical concoction. A team member takes a wad of cottong and squeesed a dropper of liquid onto it.
  • Next  put the seeds into a rocket so they  can cook. To make it rain we also need to create a powerful series of vibrations. On the earths surface at the exact same time as the cloud seeding.
  • While they start to move their masculine bodies, the team uses their majorette style of dance combined with a pinch of ‘row the boat’ and a smudge of ‘shake it’ up to get the earth shaking. They suggested these movements  could be called a rain prance.
  • Finally, its ready.

Now normally the Prancing Elites hate when it rains on their parade but this time it’s a little different, they say.

And now its time to see the men/girls bring down the rain (Watch)

The Prancing Elites Make It Rain:





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