Denise Boutte

*Denise Boutte of the Tyler Perry sitcom “Meet the Browns” is serious in the TV One original movie “For the Love of Ruth.”

Boutte is in the role of Ruth Sommerling, a woman scarred by being orphaned as a child and forced to live in a women’s shelter. She finally finds unconditional love when she meets Naomi Marachond (Loretta Devine) who takes her out of the shelter and into her home.

“I hope that all of us say I don’t care how much you put on a happy face – life is life. We all go through ups and downs that we need to keep our faith in check. It’s a very humanizing story of life’s journey,” Boutte declared.

The Louisiana native maintains there was a “personal side” to this film explaining how she thought about her mother’s battle with cancer as Naomi, her mother figure in the film, struggled with cancer.  The “Why Did I Get Married” star said she “just walked this cancer walk” with her mother about three years ago and is so thankful that her mom’s breast cancer is in remission.

A wife and mother of a 4 year-old daughter, Boutee has been busy with two other films “The Choir Director” and “The Bounce Back” in theatres later this year.

The Choir Director” stars Darrin Dewitt Henson, among others. Simply put she says the movie is about “drama in the church” adding “I go back to my roots of playing the bad girl.”

She let it slip that “there’s lots of folks that are kinda interested in seeing it beyond a film and something you can see on (television) on a weekly basis.”

In “The Bounce Back” she stars as the ex-wife to a relationship guru played by Shemar Moore.

“For the Love of Ruth,” produced by Swirl Films, airs tonight (Saturday, May 9) at 8/7c on TV One is inspired by the Biblical story of Ruth and also stars James Pickens Jr and Gary Dourdan.

Swirl Films is America’s “number one urban film production company” with over 60 original productions in the past 6 years.

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