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*Twitter erupted in a series of memes inspired by Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry, who took a serious fall in the second quarter of their 128-115 Game 4 loss to the Houston Rockets on Monday.

The NBA MVP called it the scariest fall of his career.

“You’re in the air for a long time,” Curry said after the game, “not knowing how you’re going to hit the floor, knowing that it’s inevitable.”

With 5:52 remaining in the second quarter, Curry  jumped to challenge a forthcoming lay-up attempt from Rockets wing man Trevor Ariza. However, Ariza stayed on the floor, causing Curry to fall and hit the floor at an odd angle. He did not have a chance to properly brace himself, so his head appears to hit the hardwood. A stretcher was brought out to the court, but Curry eventually got up and walked off on his own.

You can watch video of the incident here:

“I felt like I was in the air for a long time,” Curry said. “Once I hit the ground, you kind of hear voices from trainers and people just telling me to take my time and not rush yourself getting up. And want to make sure that you pass all the tests that they needed to do so that I could get back on the floor. So that’s what happened.”

Curry did not sustain any serious injuries and was able to return to the court for the second half of the game.

“It’s all kind of minor stuff compared to how it looked,” Curry said when asked if he had a headache. “I’ll get some good rest tonight and be ready to go. Since it happened to now, nothing’s gotten worse. I expect that to continue in the hours leading to Wednesday.”

The Warriors are up in the series against the Rockets (3-1). They face off tonight (05-27-15) for Game 5 at 8pm.

Check out some of the Twitter memes below: