tyga*TMZ published a story about Tyga owing a landlord rent money and facing time in the slammer for not paying up. The rapper claimed the report was completely fabricated.

The report said he owed $90,000 in back rent after living in a Calabasas, CA home in 2010. The landlord filed documents to discuss the rapper’s assets in court, but Tyga didn’t show.

Allegedly, Tyga’s lawyer offered to pay the landlord’s legal fees, but the check for $1,090 bounced. Now Tyga owes $124,000, and if not paid, there will be an arrest warrant.

The “Rack City” rapper took to Twitter to slam TMZ for reporting a fabricated story, he claimed — tweeting folks will sue for anything.

“Stop w all these fabricated @tmz stories. People believe anything they say like real news your not @cnn its not real journalism,” he tweeted.

“If I ever did owe $ to a house I lived in 6 years ago, why sue me 6yrs later.smh.lies. People will sue u for anything when u get famous,” he added.

“Stop being lazy get up off ya ass and go make ya own. All these freeloaders w they hands out. F*ck outta here,” Tyga continued.

source: HipHollywood