holyfield vs romney (in the ring1)

*OK, it’s time for some straight up ridiculousness.

Earlier we told you about the upcoming fight between the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, and former heavyweight boxing champ, Evander Holyfield.

Well, last night (05-15-15) was the night that found the two in the ring in Salt Lake City to raise money for CharityVision, a nonprofit focused on helping people worldwide regain their sight.

Would you believe an inexperience Romney actually put Holyfield on the canvas? Hmm, some say Holyfield slipped, but all we know is he went down in the ring while “fighting” Romney.

Uh oh Mitt, even if you didn’t knock Evander down, you made him look bad. Now he’s got you on run and there’s nowhere you can hide:

As you would no doubt guess, the hilarity included a bunch of political jokes, with a few references to Romney’s failed presidential run.

Speaking of failed, with that in mind, watch below as Mitt Romney gets beat by another black guy 🙂 !