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*Whoopi Goldberg had to take a leave of absence from “The View” early last week to fly to Los Angeles and deal with a “family emergency.” It was subsequently revealed that the Oscar winner’s only sibling, Clyde Johnson, had suffered a brain aneurysm and died on May 11. He was 65.

The actress, back in her co-host’s chair Tuesday (May 19), thanked well wishers for their kind words and paid tribute to her older brother.

“I’m really quite happy to be back. Thank you for all of the outpouring of sympathy,” she said. “My brother, Clyde Johnson, was an amazing cat… He was the funny one of the family. He and my mother together were insane.”

Whoopi then revealed she was considering scattering her brother’s ashes at Disneyland, his favorite place. She scattered her mother Emma Johnson’s ashes there after she died in 2010.

Sharing a photo of herself and her late sibling at Disneyland, she explained, “This was at my mother’s memorial, because she loved Disneyland… We were in (the ride It’s a) Small World…; she’s in the flowers. So something similar may be in the mix (for her brother)…”

Whoopi went on to call out rude mortuary workers, urging them to “treat people better” after claiming a relative was treated “like dog doo” as they tried to arrange Johnson’s funeral. She managed to find another “wonderful place” just outside of Los Angeles to handle her brother’s memorial and expressed her gratitude to employees, saying, “They treated people with respect and I can’t thank you enough.”

She was also given a warm welcome from her co-host Rosie Perez, who told her: “We’re all so dearly sorry for your loss and to your family, but I just want to make a statement here – you are truly the captain of the ship and we missed you.”

She and her fellow co-hosts gave Goldberg a standing ovation, and Goldberg appeared to be fighting back tears.

Gave her standing ovation and Whoopi seemed to be fighting back tears

“Well, I love that,” Goldberg said.

“So nobody read the Vanity Fair article,” she added, to laughs from her co-hosts, referencing a story posted online last week about backstage drama at the ABC talk show.

As Goldberg transitioned to the day’s “Hot Topics,” she said, “This is for you, big C.J.”