zoe kravitz & ethan hawk (good kill)

Zoe Kravitz and Ethan Hawke in ‘Good Kill’

*A big buzz and much talked about film at the Tribeca Film Festival was “Good Kill,” and rightly so. “Good Kill” kills it as one of the most unique warfare movies to be made.

The battles don’t take place on the battlefield in the Middle East, but in a control room in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sharing the space with Ethan Hawke (Major Thomas Egan) in that room is Zoe Kravitz (Airman Vera Suarez).

Suarez shares Egan’s conflicting emotions about their job and some smoldering looks in the airmen favorite watering hole after work. Kravitz is a double threat this weekend, starring also in “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz on Red Carpet at Tribeca Film Festival ‘Good Kill’ premiere

Of her role in “Good Kill,” Kravitz said it is enlightening. “I was so attracted to the story because I knew so little about drone warfare,” she admitted. “I felt I was not alone in having so little knowledge about this. So I was kind of learning as I went about the reality of this subject matter of drone warfare and bringing my character to the screen. And what I liked about the story also is that it shows both sides. You understand why people participate in the military, but also the struggle that my character goes through.  It’s an important story to be told. I’m a very peaceful person and it would be very easy for me to like, ‘no war, no guns’ but you really need to look at both sides of everything.”

“When I got the script I was fascinated by it because we all read about drone strikes in these places but I had no kind of vocabulary for what that meant,” Hawke offered. “And really, as an actor, I was just drawn to the fact that I haven’t seen this character in the history of war cinema. These situations and our characters, I’ve never seen in a movie before.”

Writer/director Andrew Niccol (“Gattaca”) agrees that Hawke’s portrayal is unique to war movies. “Ethan Hawke’s character has not been in existence before because he goes to war twelve hours a day and then goes to pick up the kids from school and he goes back,” he says. “Usually when you go to war with a country, you actually go to the country. That’s not happening any more. We fight remote control wars.”

“Good Kill” also stars January Jones and Bruce Greenwood and opens in theaters May 15.

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