brittney-griner-glory-johnson*All was apparently not what it seemed with Brittney Griner and her “marriage” to fellow WNBA star Glory Johnson.

Griner opened up about her relationship with Johnson in a new interview with ESPN’s Kate Fagan, saying her “marriage” was a “huge mistake.” According to Griner, the last 10 months have been “emotional” for her.

The 25-year-old Tulsa Shock player’s revelation comes after she filed for an annulment of her “marriage” to Johnson on Friday (June 5), a day after Johnson took to social media to announce her surprise pregnancy. Weeks before the “marriage,” Griner and Johnson generated headlines after being arrested for domestic violence.

Chatting with Fagan, Griner called the fight with Johnson “mutual combat,” and acknowledged that she should have walked away.

Griner went on to label the “marriage” a “fraud” in addition to saying that she she didn’t know about Johnson’s pregnancy.

As for where she goes from here, Griner has her hopes set on annulling the “marriage” in order to avoid paying child support for someone else’s baby. Professionally, Griner wants to shift her focus on her day job.

“Just submerge myself in basketbal,” she told Fagan. “Practicing, getting the team better, getting myself better and just counting these next six games until I get back on the court.”

To see Griner’s emotional  interview, check out the video below: