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*Have you ever found yourself looking at your son or daughter from a distance wondering who this child is going to be? Do you ever remember watching your baby sleeping, knowing that she was the most beautiful person you had ever seen while hoping that the world around her would agree? Have you ever looked at your child while he was preoccupied with something and wondered, “Am I helping him to be his best self?” Have you ever watched your child doing something that she loved to do and asked yourself, “Am I doing everything I can to support her?”

I’m sure most of us can say yes to all of these questions. We can say yes, because we love our children and not only do we want the best for them but we want them to thrive, be better, soar higher, accomplish more, fulfill their heart’s desires, be protected, have healthy relationships, and see the world while making it a better place to live in for themselves and others.

I believe that every child is born, uniquely gifted, and qualified to be who God created them to be. However, kids need parents to teach, love, disciple, guide and support them. It is more difficult for a parent to accomplish this if the parent is not equipped with the information, inspiration or motivation to do so.

The world of entertainment is defined as the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment. It includes sports, art, music, dance, acting, speaking, research, technology, health, certain service industries and the like, but even that long list doesn’t fully encompass everything that falls under the umbrella of entertainment. The business of show covers a broad spectrum of the multi-layered avenues and opportunities (in front of people or behind the scenes), so the options in this world are limitless. A parent or child can easily get lost or swallowed up in all of its moving parts – but they don’t have to.

My Child is Going to be Rich and Famous can serve as manual for:

  • Overall Parenting
  • Balancing daily family life and showbiz life
  • Parent and child communication
  • How to recognize a pending crisis

In my book I share:

  • How Tyler James transitioned from a working child actor to a working adult actor.
  • How Tyrel Jackson never had to live in his big brother’s shadow.
  • How Tylen Jacob didn’t have to look outside of his home for role models.

© 2015 Angela J. Williams

Angela is an ordained minister and gospel/R&B singer and songwriter by calling, a personal business manager by experience, a writer, producer and author by profession, and life coach/spiritual parent by purpose. She Angela is also a devoted wife of 27 years and loving mom to three young men – Tyler James Williams (22), Tyrel Jackson Williams (18) and Tylen Jacob Williams (13) – who also happen to be wildly talented performers with extensive histories in the entertainment world. As the executive overseer of her sons’ ever-evolving careers and business endeavors for nearly two decades, and the academic facilitator of their home schooling education, she is uniquely qualified to guide other parents, siblings and family members embarking on a similar journey. Angela is a member of Women in Film Los Angeles, Film Independent and she is an advisory board member of the Actors Fund and MobilFilmClassroom. She holds a Bachelors degree in Business Management and a Masters degree in Psychology. Angela and her family are bi-coastal, living in New York and California.
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