*Perhaps this tweet sums up the general sentiment of the Beyhive: “beyoncé did not wake us up early on a monday to tell us we need to eat more rabbit food.”

The weekend teaser video promising big news from Beyonce on “Good Morning America” caused fans to set their alarms Monday morning to be front and center for the announcement. Folks were guessing another pregnancy, another tour or maybe another “surprise” album.

The big reveal, however, was that she’s in love with Marco Borges’ 22-day vegan challenge, which has helped her keep weight off despite her natural tendency to develop curves.

“I have struggled from a young age with diets, and to find something that works and actually keeps the weight off has been difficult,” the superstar singer said. “I’d deprive myself of food and put [the weight] back on fast.”

She said she’s partnering with Borges to launch a vegan delivery system, but didn’t offer any details of the new business.

The reaction to the announcement from disgruntled and annoyed Beyhivers was priceless: