*EUR Exclusive: “This guy looks like he’s the captain of the Jewish debate team.”

‘Entourage’ star Jeremy Piven shares a story about working with Mike Tyson.

EUR: What is one of your fondest memories from working on the ‘Entourage’ TV show or movie?

Jeremy Piven: The producers would call me … I’ve never told anyone this. … they would call me, when they would have an older actor like Martin Landow and say, ‘come and hang out with Martin and try to convince him to do the show. Mike Tyson is coming in, try to convince him to do the show.’ So, I would be the go to guy. I was walking with Mike and his entourage and he said, (mimicking Tyson’s voice) ‘how come you don’t have anyone with you. You know where’s…where’s your entourage?’ I said, ‘I roll by myself.’ His body guard says, ‘he can handle himself.’ And Mike says, (mimicking Tyson’s voice) ‘this dude?’ And points at me and says, ‘this guy looks like he’s the captain of the Jewish debate team.’ And then Mike walked away and I was like, ‘God that was genius!’ That was a good moment.

jeremy pivin & mike tyson

Jeremy Piven & Mike Tyson in ‘Entouorage’

EUR: Which character from “Entourage” are you most like?

Jeremy Piven: My life is the antithesis of someone like Vincent Chase. I wasn’t a pretty boy that was discovered in a mall, I was a stage actor that grinded it out, until he was in his mid-thirties, before I got a shot to show a larger audience, what I’m capable of doing.

Mike Tyson at 'Entourage' premiere

Mike Tyson at ‘Entourage’ premiere

EUR: ‘Entourage’ has a huge colt following…talk about that.

Jeremy Piven: Everyone knows one of these characters…they know a Drama, an Eric, a Turtle, and an Ari. They go off on each other and keep it real but the reality is they are all very loyal to each other. Fans appreciate that and its funny. Plus, people are very hungry for the backstage life of…what it’s like to love the dream

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